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Frequent group training

17.09.2014, 10:00

There is the plan to build a Practical Wing Chun trainings group for frequent sessions in Salzburg... read more

Own research presented

17.09.2014, 10:00

It is a pleasure to invite you to the annual symposium of the DVS. I will present some results of my... read more


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Individual Performance Training

"Success has its secret, failure its reasons."
    - Joachim Kaiser


High level, optimisation of performance

Relation between nutrition, regeneration and training, adjusted to goals and based on an anamnesis


Optimisation of training, regeneration and nutrition. All these three areas are not possible to seperate from each other and are directly influencing each other. There is no good training schedule without well adapted nutrition and regernation plans.


The training will be individually adapted to the starting point, needs, circumstances and aims.


The training will be adjusted to sportspecific requirements and solutions.
Many coaches think special training is based on two things:
   1. Which muscles are used and need to get trained?
   2. Make the training as similar as possible to the movement in the competition.
This is quite obvious and at best the beginning. Further, it is about increasing these abilities which are exactly required for a certain movement regarding all its characteristics. And therefore sometimes the trainings wil look completly differnt to the actual movement in the competion.


No marketing-potent trends, but the most effective methods from sciences and elite sports praxis.